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Our Ethernet product provides high-speed broadband connectivity between regional sites and major metropolitan areas.

It's particularly popular with mining and resources companies with offices and work sites in remote areas, needing connectivity between each other and city offices. We work with clients to design and implement a tailored Ethernet solution to meet a business' needs now and into the future.

We guarantee service availability 99.95% of the year, providing unrivalled reliability.

Our E-Line service is a flexible product that can interconnect regional / remote offices and worksites together and back to a head office location. It can also enable telecommunication carriers to utilise our Ethernet service for their own customers. Ethernet typically provides internet, database and voice communication services.

The physical interface is a designated Ethernet port on a Nexium Customer Edge switch which is provided and maintained by us.

Our E-Line service is available over a range of different access types depending on your location, the required bandwidth, geographic coverage and budget, including:

  • Fibre
  • Radio / Microwave
  • Fixed Wireless
  • External 3G / 4G and DSL
  • National Broadband Network (NBN) services including FTTx and Hybrid-Fibre Coaxial services, Fixed Wireless and Satellite (SkyMusterTM) services. (Note: A Fair Use Policy applies to NBN Satellite services).

For more information please refer to our E-line product specifications (PDF 485.3 kb).