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Nexium delivers for Mercy Health and Aged Care

Medical imaging in health care has seen a growing trend to migrate from picture archiving and communication systems to a cloud-based storage.

Image of MRI scans

A recent article by Applied Radiology said, "As the digital-imaging realm is embraced across the healthcare enterprise, the swift transition from terabytes to petabytes of data has put radiology on the brink of information overload. Cloud computing offers the imaging department of the future the tools to manage data much more intelligently.”

Nexium has seen this trend with their current clients. In January 2016 Nexium completed the delivery of a 100Mbps telecommunications service for Mercy Health and Aged Care between their hospitals located in Rockhampton and Mackay.

Mercy's healthcare facilities were becoming more and more media-rich environments which need high bandwidth services to effectively transmit the large amounts of information used to service its patients and support clinicians and employees, improving collaboration and operational efficiencies.

In September 2017 Mercy’s IT team upgraded the 100Mbps link to 1Gbps due to the increased demand for the high speed service. Nexium were able to provision this new service quickly and efficiently allowing the Mercy Health team to realise immediate benefits.

In a recent email from Mercy Health and Aged Care, the Manager ICT outlined her appreciation for the fantastic support and service received from everyone at Nexium Telecommunications.

“Great service and support is what our business is all about, so getting an email like this from a customer gives the whole team a real lift and shows them their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated,” National Manager Nexium Telecommunications Ray Carey said.