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Nexium powers up State Library internet

Nexium recently delivered an ultra-fast 200Mbps internet service to the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) at Southbank.

The SLQ was looking for a high quality, cost effective service to replace its existing internet service.

"The new service will provide a significant improvement over their old service and will allow the SLQ to provide access to the Internet of Things (IoT), the digital economy and provide significantly better public internet service around the library. This will provide better outcomes for the SLQs customers and staff", Nexium's retail Account Manager Ray Carey said.

"Delivery of the service came with a few challenges. Managing third party providers' delivery timeframes proved a challenge and slightly delayed delivery of the service, however, the CNOC made sure the Nexium side of the service was ready to go as soon as the third party providers completed their end and we kept the customer fully informed as to our progress", Nexium Project Manager Ben Routledge said.