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Nexium connects services to Pulse Data Centre

When Toowoomba’s new Pulse data centre launches this week, it will be a proud moment for Nexium. This world-class tier III facility is connected to Nexium’s network, making us the first telecommunications carrier to support this important new data hub.

Nexium has been involved in discussions with FKG Group and Pulse since the concept of a Toowoomba data centre and digital hub was first envisaged. The commissioning milestone is testament to the great efforts of the FKG team to deliver, and represents outstanding collaboration across the project.

Nexium’s service was connected with the support of teams from Pulse, Torus Networks and our partner Tech-e, and we’re looking forward to delivering services to clients after the centre is officially commissioned on Thursday 19th April.

As a leading provider of retail and wholesale telecommunications solutions, we understand the importance of delivering high-speed resilient services, and we’re excited to continue to contribute to the technological and economic development of regional Australia.

Nexium has been delivering telecommunications services in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region for more than 14 years, and the opening of the Pulse data centre will enhance data and communications solutions for the region and the wider Australian IT community.