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Nexium delivers fast internet to Whitsundays

Nexium, in an alliance with retail service provider NGV, was recently engaged by the local Whitsunday council to provide high speed internet to link up the community's water treatment infrastructure.  The benefits are set to cascade down to the entire community and provide a real boost to Cannonvale, Airlie Beach and Proserpine.

The Whitsunday Council, through the Nexium alliance partner NGV, has offered the extra bandwidth capacity to local businesses, schools and key council services like the library.

"It's a brilliant outcome for the community and it's really going to help the business community who have been struggling with the old copper wire ADSL internet.  For instance, I know there's a lot of interest from the local marina, which is home to multi-million dollar boats, but they can't access reliable internet. Big retailers in the area have also had a few problems, as have the visiting tourists, free and paid WIFI services including local advertising is going to really bolster the local economy", Nexium Network Services Manager Gavin Chapman said.

Nexium plans to continue to play a key role in the area as its information, communication and technology (ITC) infrastructure matures and grows