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Nexium kicks another goal

Ergon Energy's Nexium telecommunications group recently replaced the ageing Southern Cross Coastal Radio network capacity with a new coastal fibre network connection stretching 1,800km, from Cairns to Brisbane.

This was a significant project as it required seven interconnection points in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Maryborough and Brisbane.

At each of the interconnection points it was necessary to complete an extension of the existing Ergon fibre network to meet the Nextgen fibre network. This was completed by both internal and external stakeholders.

"I was very impressed by the timeframes, collaboration and dedication that the internal technical and line design teams supplied to both internal and external questions. This made a significant impact on the project timeline milestone. The seamless interaction with internal stakeholders and external contractors was the fundamental key to this project's success, all parties pulled together to deliver us the most cost effective solution within the timeframes," Network Services Manager Gavin Chapman said.

This new Nexium service will supply greater data capacity for operational, corporate and commercial services delivered along the coast of Queensland.

The significant investment in infrastructure will provide medium and long term benefits to the greater Ergon business and should also see increased commercial service sales resulting in increased Nexium revenues.

With the imminent signing of the NBN connections in similar locations, Nexium will be one of only four carriers capable of providing government, enterprise, commercial and residential services using, or independently of, the NBN throughout Queensland.