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About Us

Bringing city-fast internet speeds to remote Queensland

Whether you require the assurance of high speed, resilient connectivity from a remote mine site back to a metropolitan city, or dedicated high capacity links between multiple sites within the same town, Nexium Telecommunications can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

To comprehend the extent of Nexium’s unique offering, it’s important to understand our story.

Nexium Telecommunications was created in 2003 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ergon Energy, a Queensland Government owned corporation, which supplies electricity to 97 per cent of the state via its extensive network of poles and lines.

Built into its power network is a commercial grade high-capacity bandwidth fibre optic network, with large fibre footprints in many regional towns and communities. This enables customers to access the Nexium network without the need to build costly new connection links, sometimes over vast distances.

Nexium’s affiliation with Ergon Energy also means that support is never far away, providing customers in remote areas with peace of mind.

Please watch our overview video and see Nexium’s Products and Services for more information.


Video transcript

Nexium is a licensed telecommunications carrier, delivering high-speed data infrastructure solutions to businesses and government agencies throughout Queensland.

Nexium offers access to existing fibre-optic networks built into utility infrastructure, like power grids and rail lines…

…allowing you to utilize existing high-capacity, commercial-grade connectivity, giving you a secure and dedicated data pathway from end to end.

Independent of other telecommunications carriers, this infrastructure connectivity can also provide you with carrier diversity….

….ensuring a valuable and resilient link to keep your business communicating across the often harsh Queensland environment.

Whether you’re a government agency delivering critical services to regional centres, or a mining operation connecting a new remote site, Nexium will work with you to tailor a high-speed, high capacity connectivity solution that’s reliable and affordable.

Nexium is powered by Ergon Energy, which has been delivering safe, dependable energy solutions to regional Queensland for over a decade. We’re no strangers to the unique demands of our harsh Queensland environment, and the needs of the businesses that operate here.

With the backing of Ergon Energy throughout the state, a Network Operations Centre providing 24 hour support, and superior disaster recovery capabilities, you can be assured of the highest standards of service and availability.

And thanks to the extensive, established networks of Ergon Energy and our other infrastructure partners, Nexium’s reach is extensive.

Our dedicated infrastructure is already delivering services to large public and private enterprises across Queensland, and beyond. Comprised of state-of-the-art fibre-optics, with options for commercial-grade radio extension, Nexium’s growing network is already in more than 26 regional centres, and can go where others can’t.

We can work with you, or your chosen carrier, to deliver a fully customised service to meet your communication needs, from A to B… and beyond.

High-speed, resilient connectivity, with the security of one of Queensland’s largest infrastructure providers.

That’s Nexium Telecommunications.

Company details

Ergon Energy Telecommunications Pty Ltd

ABN 34 106 459 465 / ACN 106 459 465

Registered Office
420 Flinders Street
Townsville QLD 4810